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Too much content being pushed at you from every direction?

Boring visuals, jargons, lengthy reads killing your appetite for news?

Is your content experience un-rewarding?


There is a solution!


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Why Knowello ?

We deliver simple explainers on business, finance & most interesting social developments which are well researched, crisp & beautifully designed.


Our content feed is filled with information & fun that'll keep you ahead & entertained!

Not just that you can play quizzes, polls & puzzles & get rewarded with real world vouchers for almost everything you do on the App!

Learn, Play, Earn & have Fun!

Some Key Features of the App:

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Simple Categorisation

At Knowello your content is simply split into two categories
News based (Buzzing) and Knowledge based (Knowables )

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Think of our HW feature as wiki-like info but curated & fact checked by experts.

Now no need to google or wikipedia while reading!

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Ongoing developments are often difficult to follow.
Fret not, Knowello presents a summarized timeline of key developments surrounding a story.

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Knowello Play

Earn real world rewards by playing content driven quizzes, polls & puzzles.

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